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Timoteus Lia-Mkhitaryan Leone-Contini-Bonacossi Zona-Franca Aydin-Matlabi


© Artraker CIC 2017

Franca Formenti

\ Italy

\ Zona Franca

Leone Contini

\ European Union

\ Migrant Seeds Bank

EIVA Arts Foundation

\ Armenia

\ Red Hail... because it never ends"

Timoteus Kusno

\ Indonesia

\ Anatomy of The Lost Memory


Undrawing the Line

\ Detention Centres in Australia

\ The Swamp

* Please note the countries mentioned here refer to the Conflict Areas / Countries of reference and not where the Artist reside

Artraker [ahrt-rey-ker], noun:  "An artist or organisation that shapes how people and organisations understand, engage and respond to violent conflict (and its impact), through the medium of art."

Aydin Matlabi

\ Republic Democratic of Congo

\ We Are The Heritage

Phumelele Tshabalala

\ United States & South Africa

\ Looking Both Ways

Amira_Hanafi Phumelele Zanny-Begg