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Please ensure you have read submission criteria and eligibility before applying.  


Submissions MUST include the following:


\  A completed application form (complete below - or download here and email to submissions (@)

\  A current Curriculum Vitae (PDF format)

\  A description of your art project or artwork (do not exceed 1000 words)


\  Administration fees of GBP10 is applicable to OECD nationals only. All other nationals apply for free.

List of OECD countries: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Chile | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Iceland | Ireland | Israël | Italy | Japan | Korea | Luxembourg | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States


\ Administration fees to be paid via paypal to separately if you are applying via email.


Please include the following information in description:

(a) When the art project or artwork was started; (b) How the art project or artwork is financed or supported; (c) The context, origins and purpose (please refer to criteria) of the art project or artwork;  (d) Who the art project or artwork is for or targeted at (participants or audience);  (e) Art project or artwork development or activities to date;  (f) The people involved in making the art project or artwork happen (if more than one);  (g) The impact or outcomes of the art project or artwork to date;  and (h) Proposed plans or next steps to take the art project or artwork forward.


\ Upload related visuals (3 images maximum). If you are sending your submission by email then please ensure that the combined upload of images does not exceed 2 MB. If your work is in a video format, please provide us with the link in the 'Project description' space.


\ Provide the contact details of two individuals that can provide references for you. Please note that these cannot be family members or friends, but should be individuals who have known you in a professional capacity.


\ If there is trouble submitting with the online below please click here and try again.