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Assadullah Baran Bromand is a contemporary artist and born in 1992.  He is one of the main members and founders of Berang Arts Organization. Assadullah has participated in many contemporary art exhibitions held by Berang in collaboration with the Goethe Institute of Afghanistan, National Gallery of Afghanistan, French Institute of Afghanistan, and Queen’s Palace (Bagh-e- Babor).  His work has been shown by the Association of American Museums (AAM), Philadelphia and the National Museum of Afghanistan.  In addition, Assadullah has participated in many workshops of dOCUMENTA 13 in Kabul, such as Seeing Studies, Creating an Art Magazine, Air Sculpture Making and the Afghan Contemporary Art Prize. Assadullah researches ways to maintain peace, "through human being’s reality of art".



Assadullah Baran Bromand

Artraker, 2013


My project Lie of Freedom consists of 9 Burqas and one Turban, has started in 2011. It exposes and explains the reasons of war and human killing by bringing the memory of people before, during and after civil wars in Afghanistan. Before the civil war 60% of the Hazara People have been killed during different monarchies in the area of Behsood, Bamyan, Jaghori provinces and also in Quetta, Pakistan. Some people escaped to the mountainous areas or immigrated to other countries, but the genocide continued by new governments.


My artworks not only tries to explain the reasons of killing Hazara people but also explains the reasons of war and conflict in Afghanistan. The installation tells us that all the Ideologies and realities like Islam, democracy, Human Rights, Peace and freedom has been wrongly introduced and experienced.


In 2011, I had made a first version of this installation at the in French Cultural Center, Kabul. But The exhibition was closed and I was imprisoned.  In 2013, finally I made this artwork in a place where it should have been installed first-hand: In a destroyed place, which was a military base at the time of Mojahidin on 12th April 2013 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Qambar Hill, Omid-e- Sabz township, Kabul.


My project focuses on creating awareness internationally and domestically by explaining and exposing the wrong realities and missing ideologies, which are the reasons of war and killings.



Lie of Freedom, 

Installation - with 9 Burqas and one Turban, Kabul, 2012-2013



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/ ARTRAKER, 2013


Lie of Freedom