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Christine Renaudat is a French journalist, writer and sound artist who‘s been living and working for 12 years in Colombia. She extensively reported on people’s life and struggle in this country. In 2011, she published a book against the war on drugs in Latin America. She also wrote about Human Rights abuses and violence in Central America.



Christine Renaudat

Artraker, 2013


Memorial de voces (Voices memorial), is a sound installation exhibited for the first time in Colombia in September 2012, Month of Peace, and travelling around Colombia ever since. The installation is based on fragments of recordings I made during 12 years in Colombia as a reporter: interviews with mostly victims and some executioners, political speeches, and ambient sounds, telling the story of what could be described as the darkest period of Colombia’s 50 years war.


Since 2001, when I started to work in Colombia, until now, I kept more than 110 hours of recordings: my remembrance of this « strange » war. This installation invites the visitor to become immersed in the Colombian reality, to travel into his own memory, and to put himself in the victims shoes, represented physically by 50 pairs of boots, similar to those used by the peasants, the guerrillas and the paramilitary groups in Colombia. The voices ask them: Can you bear more violence? Is it acceptable? Aren’t there others ways to solve Colombian political and social problems?


In November 2012 the Colombian sound Festivals Sonema and Lado b invited artists around the world to compose their own sound track with some of my sounds. 81 composers from 16 countries (Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain but also, United States, Germany, Kosovo, Netherlands) sent their creation. 18 of them have been presented in the exhibition of the « Memorial » in three Colombian cities (Bogota, Monteria, Medellin).


The exhibition is aimed at both Colombian who live in cities and aren’t directly affected by the war they sometimes promote, to raise consciousness about violence, and the families of the victims.



Memorial De Voces,

Sound installation

Based on recordings made during 12 year  fragments of interviews with victims of violence, ambient sounds and political speeches.




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/ ARTRAKER, 2013