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a/political [áy/pəlittik'l] is dedicated to the support and promotion of artists working within a socio-political framework. Its principle aim is to provide a neutral space, free from bias, in order to facilitate and encourage debate and dialogue around both topical issues and engaged aesthetics. The nature of the organization’s support is twofold. a/political collaborates with selected artists and cultural institutions, helping to produce dynamic projects on an international scale. Additionally, a/political has a focused art collection that continues to grow at its core. Tracking the development of socio-political art over the last two centuries, the collection aims to reflect engaged artistic responses to key political events, war and conflict by way of acquisitions, commissions and co-productions.






Established in 2002, Pulse delivers across corporate communications, brand strategy, visual identity, digital development, public relations, leadership visioning/coaching and reputation management. We work with clients around the world, collaborating with them on strategic and often complex communications projects.   Core to Pulse is working with leaders on their organisations' purpose and living their values to deliver a bold vision.  This involves developing both the thinking and tools to make the brand tangible and meaningful to their employees and key stakeholders.





Culture + Conflict is a not-for-profit agency founded in 2011 focusing on the role of the arts and culture within conflict and post conflict situations across the world.  


Their aim is to increase the involvement of arts and culture in conflict and post-conflict situations, build greater understanding of their value, and foster the exchange of knowledge and perspectives with other sectors also engaged in conflict and post-conflict work.









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