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Born in 1983, Emeric Lhuisset grew up in Paris suburb. He lives and works between Middle East and Paris. He considers his work as an artistic transcription of geopolitical analyses. Diverting the codes, Emeric Lhuisset asks us to question our own perceptions of reality and its representation



Emeric Lhuisset

Artraker / Mentor, 2013


In my approach, I try to be symptomatic of the period in which we are, a period of transition between the classic report of war and the fighter with a mobile phone - who is also pictures rapporteur and who will distribute them himself via internet. At the same time, I try to question this representation with a view to history. In Theater of War, I stage deliberately very mannered scenes to betray the process and question the theatricalization of the image of conflict. We are here with real fighters, in a real war zone and yet, we are in a staged reality that could very well be reality - what is the part of reality in these images? In our (Western) society conflict is very present, through games, movies, news ... it is hard to miss, yet the image of war shown to us is extremely distorted. I'm looking through this project to question these representations.


From Kabul to Kirkuk through the mountains of Pakistan, Iraq, and Colombia, I seek to raise questions about the representation of conflict and how we perceive it.  I employ a variety of approaches, including replaying their own reality to a group of guerilla fighters. I staged scenes based on paintings from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and filming 24 hours of the life of a Free Syrian Army fighter near to Alep. I am engaging with the question of Soft power and the dissemination of the American style of life as a factor of influence in Iraq, temporarily transforming fighters’ weapons into everyday objects as a means of bringing more comfort to them, and exploring the link between video games and war zones with the FARC in Colombia.




Theatre of War,

Photograph with Kurdish-Iranian Guerrila

115 x 170cm, (1 of 14), Iraq, 2011/2012


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emeric lhuisset 115 x 170 cm