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The deadline for submissions is 16 June 2016 at midnight (12:00 AM) GMT.  

Submissions after this date/time will NOT be accepted.  


Artraker will consider up to three Awards of GBP2500 each in 2016 for completed work or work that can be further developed.

Winners will be supported to attend the Awards events in London and Malta in early 2017.  




Artraker is interested in the significance of the contribution of the artist to change and the co-creation of experiences of freedom and hope in the midst of conflict.  Artraker welcomes submissions from artists of all nationalities and at any stage of their careers. Submissions will be considered in relation to three award categories:


The Artraker Award for Challenging the Narrative This award is for art that challenges dominant narratives on violence and peace, and/or enables a different and deeper understanding to be gained on issues pertaining to violence, conflict, upheaval, change, and peace.  


The Artaker Award for Healing the Void This award is for art that promotes inclusion, reveals how space excludes and marginalises, and poses questions about how our societies are constructed and managed to either heal and create community, or divide, wound, and alienate.


The Imagine Peace! Artraker Award This award is for art that helps leaders at different levels imagine new pathways to peace and alternatives to violence. It is for art that stimulates creativity in leadership, helps foster or encourage visionary leadership, and contributes insight into imagining new ways of radically altering the dynamics that lead to violence.


Examples of works considered for the Artraker Awards in 2013 and 2014 can be found at here.




Entrants do not have to live or work in the country, conflict zone or region that submissions may be addressing.


Submissions should be from the area of visual arts practice (ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, architecture, performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts, artistic interventions).


Submissions may be made in collaboration with a group, for example with Community Based Organisations or Non-Governmental Organisations.


Submissions must be for completed work or work that can be further developed. Proposals for work not yet realised are not considered.


The Jury looks favourably on work where the Award may be used to develop or expand impact.


Previous shortlisted entrants or submitters from previous years are eligible to apply again with new proposals.




An administration fees of GBP10 is applicable to OECD nationals only. All other nationals apply for free.


List of OECD countries: Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Chile | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Iceland | Ireland | Israël | Italy | Japan | Korea | Luxembourg | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States





The deadline for submissions is midnight (GMT), 16 June for 2016


We expect Jury deliberations to be tough and drawn out. As such, we will be making announcements in stages. Submissions selected for inclusion in the Artrakers network are announced in the period October-December 2016. Please note: If you have not heard back from Artraker by the end of December 2016, then you have not been shortlisted.


Three award winners will be selected and invited to attend the Art of Peace Exhibitions in London and Malta in early 2017 (dates to be confirmed)




The Artraker 2016 Jury consists of eight international experts from a range of disciplines. They will assess the submissions and select the shortlist


Information on the Jury is available on the Artraker website


Submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria: subject relevance, impact, innovation, boldness, artistic aesthetics; where the emphasis is on artworks that have transformative impact.




Shortlisted submissions will be checked for authenticity and due diligence will be carried out.


Shortlisted submissions that qualify will be contacted and invited to join the Artraker network (“The Artrakers”) with an offer to participate in future Artraker activities, and for the projects to be profiled on the Artraker website.


Terms of joining the Artraker network are provided, discussed and signed.


Depending on the nature of the artworks Artrakers for 2016 may be showcased in exhibitions in London and Malta. Terms and conditions will be outlined.




The winners will be selected from shortlisted submissions by the Jury and notified in the last quarter of 2016.


Award winners will be contacted to discuss and sign the terms and conditions as recipients of the Awards.


Arrangements for attendance to the Art of Peace Exhibitions will be made subject to availability and any other travel constraints.


The award winners will be publicised and broadcasted via media channels, and may be requested to offer statements or to be interviewed subject to availability.


The Award winning projects will be showcased alongside selected other shortlisted works at the Art of Peace Exhibitions.


Terms and conditions for participation in the Art of Peace Exhibitions will be provided.


The 2016 Artraker Biennial Awards winners will be profiled via Artraker’s networks and its partner organisations networks.



We look forward to receiving your submission.


Should you have any enquiries regarding the submission, please contact us at submissions (@)