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Nida Shams is a grassroots comics trainer, photographer and a graphic designer from Karachi (Pakistan). The World Comics Network - Pakistan was formed under her leadership. She has conducted several grassroots comics workshops across Pakistan and trained hundreds of teachers, students, activists and ordinary people. She co-authored “Bolti Lakeerain”, a book with Sharad Sharma, founder of World Comics Network. She is the author of two more books, "Tolerance" and "There lives few stories behind the bars". The latter is the outcome of a one-month training she organized and conducted with Karachi Central Jail inmates, both women and their children.



Nida Shams

Artraker, 2013


The book Tolerance is the compilation of wall poster comics drawn by people who attended 3 – day grassroots comics workshop conducted by Nida Shams and organised by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and World Comics Network – Pakistan in Karachi. Workshop was attended by 30 participants from the age group of 10 to 40. Participants were students, teachers, activists and from Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities.


Through this workshop we are able to hear real life stories of common people and now brining to our readers in the form of wonderful comics. During the workshop and through this book we wanted to create positive debate and sensitize people on issue like ‘Tolerance’.


No explanation is required for trying to address children and grownups on the need for promoting tolerance in society. Tolerance is an essential characteristic of any civilized people. In Pakistan it is not merely a desirable part of culture, it has become a pre-requisite to this country's survival and progress. Ordinary citizens are becoming intolerant of one another's belief, ethnic and linguistic identities, political views and social practices. The rich do not tolerate the poor and men are becoming increasingly intolerant of women who wish to enjoy their basic rights and freedoms. Intolerance is fuelling militancy, extremism and violent conflict. Quite obviously, the future of Pakistani people is at stake.


Our aim is to give message of peace, love and equality to our society through this book. The creators of these black and white comics are not professional artist but common people who beautifully conveyed the message through their heart touching stories and simple line drawings.


Participatory art project

Comic book cover, Tolerance, 2012


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/ ARTRAKER, 2013


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