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Artraker Awards


Announced biennially in the week of International Peace Day (21 September) the Artraker Awards provides visibility and financial support to artists working on art and conflict. It recognizes new ways to raise awareness, communicate, stimulate debate and transform our understanding of war, violent conflict and social upheaval.


An international panel of experts from both the art and peace-making/peace-building disciplines assesses submissions for the Artraker Awards. They look for experimentation and engagement, audacity, change and capacity to inspire. The final prizes are granted to inspirational, creative projects and imaginative initiatives.


Artraker welcomes submissions from artists of all nationalities and at any stage of their careers.


The Artraker Awards for 2014 included three award categories: The Artraker Award, Artraker Award for Social Impact, and Artraker Award for Innovation in Narrative (supported by a/political). Each Awardee receives GBP 2,500 and participates in the Art of Peace - A Travelling Exhibition.


Artraker is looking to grow the annual award.  If you want to help us do this, please get in touch.



Artraker Award 2013 Official Video


























Artraker Award 2013 Nomination film



Artraker Awards 2014: Official Video