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Rozhgar Mustafa is a Kurdish artist who lives in Sulaimani where she graduated from the university of fine arts in 2004 and teaches art in a secondary school. She works with different media including painting, drawing, installation, video and public live action. Rozhgar mainly deals with questions of temporality and transformation, gender identity, memory, trauma and fear. In 2009 she was artist-in- residence at the Wyspa Art Institute on a grant from the Gdansk Exclusive programme, where she also held a solo exhibition.



Rozhgar Mustafa

Artraker, 2013


In 2011 for two months, the Kurdish people started protesting against the Kurdistan government and the whole political situation, in reflecting to, the lack of freedom, political justice, concreted social construction, and desperate life of civil Kurdish people in Kurdistan-Iraq.


Women have been always the biggest part of those issues from a long time ago, who they forbidden from the rights and positions in participating the structure of society more positively. Plastic women could be seen as an ironic representation of woman’s figure and the direct argument in the public activities, and participation among all people instead of presenting themselves in separate location against one rule.


In response to the difficulties of communisation with men, though the massive people protesting under one manifest, but women still were isolating in another side to show themselves separately. This caused by a dipper social and conflict circumstances. The separation in the public environment caused many obstacles to woman’s own voice, in which obviously remaining the same power of men domination upon the society and extending to the next generation.  Bringing these plastic women with the help of some young and passionate male protestors through a massive number of men protestors in Sara Square, in the middle of Sulaimani city, is questioning the direct and loud voice of women next to men together revolting more powerfully aiming to reform and rebuild society equally.





Five Plastic Women Protestors

Five plastic women breaking boundary between men protestors and women protestors in Sulaimani, Iraq






© Artraker CIC 2014

/ ARTRAKER, 2013


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