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The Artraker Awards 2014 received 250 remarkable submissions from 75 countries. The jury's task has been a difficult but inspiring one and we are grateful to all who submitted their work for review.


The jury's summary statement for this year reads:


Artists have been concerned with various conflict fault-lines; such as violent conflicts covered extensively in the media (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), issues outside the media limelight (farmers in Colombia, refugees in Western Sahara, etc.), gender-based violence, homophobia, racism, discrimination and those addressing the consequences of violence and conflict.


The jury feels it is important to respond to both the urgency embodied in many submissions, and to those submissions offering hope, transformation, and change. The jury finds work that provides testimony, and manages to change our understanding of conflict, deserves to be recognised.


The jury feels that Artraker should be concerned with alternative media and ways of communicating that give the public an unconventional, yet accessible insight into the conflicts involved. In terms of ‘originality’ and ‘innovation’, the jury feels that these terms are often understood from an expanded, if still very western, framework. We want Artraker to interrogate these terms and ask the question; ‘original’ and ‘innovative’ for whom? This is part of Artrakers overall aim.


The jury recognizes the high level of professional submissions for 2014. It notes the significant contrast between the well funded and unfunded, from both established and emerging artists. In terms of adding value to the field and to the careers of those artists wanting to be considered, however, the jury wishes to prioritise unfunded works by emerging artists.  Nonetheless, the jury feels that joint showcasing and exchange between emerging and established artists in the context of Artraker is important.


The jury is mindful that many of the shortlisted submissions for 2014 will be part of a travelling exhibition.  It is aware of the transformative impact these works may have to the contexts in which they are shown, and the need to consider this in the selection process.


The jury offers its condolences to the family and friends of Bakary Diallo, who was selected to be part of the Artrakers 2014 yet tragically died in the Air Algierie flight crash on 24 July 2014.


We congratulate all the Artrakers 2014!


Bernadette Buckley, Rohan Jayasekera, Nikki Diana Marquardt, Fatima Mohammed, and Elvira Santamaria Torres - Artraker Jury 2014





/ Bakary Diallo


/ Mirror Image


/ Furat al Jamil


/ Heba Amin


/ Lorena Wolffer


/ Margo Harkin


/ Maya Ramsay


/ Momina Muhammad


/ O. Shamsia Hassani


/ Regula Gattiker


/ San Zaw Htway


/ Tania El Khoury



*The list of the 12 Artrakers is given in alphabetical order.




Artraker [ahrt-rey-kar], noun:  "An artist or organisation that shapes how people and organisations understand, engage and respond to violent conflict (and its impact), through the medium of art.”